Kelly Loeffler believes that if you’re not serving, you’re not leading

From working on the farm...

Growing up on her family’s farm, Kelly learned at a young age the importance of faith, family and hard work. She worked alongside her family in the fields and feedlots – later waitressing while attending public school and state university. Kelly’s sense of personal responsibility and resilience amid adversity opened up the hard-earned opportunities that would inspire a career dedicated to achieving results and serving others. She was the first in her family to attend college – and was determined to make the most of her education by earning success and helping others do the same.

To creating jobs...

Kelly built a nearly three-decade career primarily in financial services. She worked her way up to an executive position at Intercontinental Exchange, where she helped grow the business from a start-up with less than 100 employees, to a Fortune 500 company with more than 10,000. Known for her work ethic and integrity, Kelly went on to launch Bakkt as its Founding CEO, where she continued to lead as an innovator and job-creator. She remained civically engaged in her community in philanthropy, politics and as a sports team owner.

To serving Georgia...

In 2020, Kelly was appointed to the U.S. Senate. As a self-made businesswoman, Kelly worked tirelessly to protect the conservative values that had enabled her to live the American Dream. Endless attacks from the liberal media only strengthened her resolve to serve as an outsized voice for Georgians in Washington. In the Senate, she sponsored and helped pass dozens of bills – including legislation to deliver COVID-19 relief, fund rural healthcare, support veterans, law enforcement and farmers, protect the unborn, the Second Amendment and girls sports, and to stand up to China, Big Tech and cancel culture.

Current Work

Kelly’s calling to serve is rooted in her own experiences – and her personal commitment to defending the American Dream. In 2021, she invested her time and resources to launch Greater Georgia – a non-profit conservative voter mobilization organization that is registering voters, engaging diverse communities, and protecting election integrity. She volunteers her time as its Chairwoman.  Kelly remains heavily engaged in the fight against the Left’s push to radically transform our country by working to defend American values, freedom and opportunity for all.

From Goals to Achievements

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